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Who We Are

Our Story

A space to collaborate with others. A chance to meet amazing people. A unique community of startups and creative professionals. Founded in 2023, WORKNiCHE. strives to be the best Coworking Space for entrepreneurs, freelancers and other professionals in Malta.

Footage of opening party @WORKNiCHE, March 2023.

At our intimate space, you’ll find a group of innovative thinkers who are conquering the world in a variety of fields. With modern facilities, community events and plenty of amenities, we provide everything you need to succeed.

Leveraging on ten years’ experience working in high-profile commercial projects and unique residential properties here in Malta, @martina_fenech_adami is the heart&soul of She created this co-working space renovating what used to be a very vibrant rock bar. The renovation shaped a space that can serve as a hub for a networked creative community as well as a place that is both base and showcase for Martina's own work.


The space is divided into different blocks of color and texture, adding intrigue through the varying volumes within the tunnel-like structure, and defining areas for different purposes. Embracing the spirit of William Morris prints, theinterior is infused with playful and organic touches. Each design element pays homage to the past while creating a visually captivating atmosphere to spark creativity and inspiration. Wood, fabrics, and vibrant textures have been skillfully used to create a cosy yet inspiring environment. 

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